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A Few Words About Us

We are the national voice of physicians and we advocate on behalf of our members and the general public for access to an improved healthcare system as well as provide leadership and guidance to medical practitioners

The SLMDA will examine issues in the healthcare sector and their impact on the future of health and healthcare in St. Lucia.
Through policy statements, submissions to government and public speeches, the SLMDA will provide a common ground for members and will strive from day to day to work for the good of the profession and the public it serves.

Mission Statement

To sustain human development in St. Lucia by continually placing the individual and collective health care expertise of our members at the service of the people of St. Lucia

Vision Statement

To achieve and promote excellence in medical care for the betterment of all St. Lucians.

We Have More Than 35 Years of Experience

The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) is a locally registered non-government, non-profit organization which has been in existence for over 35 years

Membership in the association is made up of locally registered medical practitioners including those non resident, any medical association or similar body established outside of St. Lucia, locally registered medical students and honorary members who are determined by the executive of the SLMDA. The SLMDA is a registered trade union and functions primarily as the voice and conscience of medical practitioners and has a current membership made up of competent, well trained and practicing professionals. The Association has a clean and solid, legal and institutional base from which to pursue its objectives, which in the main are to:

  • Promote the medical and allied sciences
  • Promote better health education of the community
  • Defend the integrity and professional freedom of the medical profession
  • Assist the medical profession individually, in the articulation of broad social and human purposes
  • Encourage and defend the members of the medical profession, in the exercise of their full rights as citizens
  • Promote the material interests of the medical profession and especially to secure the conditions that will make it possible for them to render to their society, the best professional services possible.
  • Obtain for the medical profession, the opportunity to participate actively at all levels, in the formulation of national medical health policies in St. Lucia.
  • Co-Operate with Governments, Universities, Foundations and any organization in any endeavour designed to improve the health standards of St. Lucia
  • Establish and strengthen ties between the St. Lucia Medical & Dental Association and to establish and maintain facilities for continuing medical education, research and other such activities
  • Sponsor and support medical conferences and to encourage better relations and understanding among members of the medical profession

Guiding Principles



Physicians must pay full respect at all times and in all circumstances to persons they are attending!


Patients have the right to receive relevant information about their own medical condition and its management.

Full Consent

Treatment and other forms of medical intervention to patients who have to capacity to consent should not be undertaken without their full, face and informed consent.


Information obtained in the physician/patient relationship must be regarded as strictly confidential


Physicians in active practice must maintain competence in practice at all times and must ensure that they never expose patients to unnecessary risks.

Readiness to Serve

Physicians must do all they can to assist at medical emergencies.

Vulnerable Groups

The obligation of a physician to provide medical care for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups must be upheld. Physicians should endeavor to identify the cause of ill health in such groups and draw attention to the need to alleviate them.


Attendance by physicians to persons held in detention must always be conducted in the best interest of their health

Patient Comes First

Care must be taken not to compromise the interest of the patients when carrying out examinations or supplying reports at the request of third parties.