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About Us

We are the national voice of physicians and we advocate on behalf of our members and the general public for access to an improved healthcare system as well as provide leadership and guidance to medical practitioners

The SLMDA will examine issues in the healthcare sector and their impact on the future of health and healthcare in St. Lucia.
Through policy statements, submissions to government and public speeches, the SLMDA will provide a common ground for members and will strive from day to day to work for the good of the profession and the public it serves.


To sustain human development in St. Lucia by continually placing the individual and collective health care expertise of our members at the service of the people of St. Lucia


To achieve and promote excellence in medical care for the betterment of all St. Lucians.

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Past Executive 2010-2011

Dr. Segun Tobias
Dr. L. Surage
Vice President
E.N.T. Specialist
Dr. Kimberly Johnny
General Practitioner
Dr. Keturah Edwin
Assistant Secretary
General Practitioner
Dr. Kervin Lansiquot
General Practitioner
Dr. Nadia Samuel
Specialists Rep.
Obstatrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Aljay Pierre
Gen. Practitioners Rep.
General Practitioner
Dr. Gennie Isaac
Junior Doctors Rep.
General Practitioner
Dr. Giffa Girard
Dentists Rep
(Position not filled)
Public Relations Officer
General Practitioner