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Membership Requirements

Every candidate for membership with the Saint Lucia Medical & Dental Association shall apply in writing, addressed to the Secretary of the Association. An annual membership fee will be required upon your admittance to the Association and prior to receipt of benefits obtained through the Association. Please attach requisite documents to your application as per guidelines below

Candidates seeking Ordinary Membership

  1. For Medical/Dental Practitioners who are registered to practice in St. Lucia:
    • Proof of registration with the St. Lucia Medical and Dental Council of St. Lucia – (presentation of original to SLMDA office, or certified copy of registration certificate)
  2. For Medical/Dental Practitioners who are not registered to practice in St. Lucia:
    • Medical/Dental Qualifications required for eligibility to register in St. Lucia
  3. For interns who are not yet eligible for registration:
    • Medical/Dental Qualifications

Candidates seeking Honorary Membership

Written request for consideration as an honorary member.

Honorary members shall have none of the liabilities of members as regards subscriptions, shall be entitled to receive notices of General Meetings, shall not be entitled to vote, but shall have such privileges as may be conferred upon them by resolution of the election authority.

Candidates seeking Affiliate Membership

  1. Proof of current registration with an SLMDA affiliate body or association. An affiliate member shall enjoy the like privileges as a member of the Association except that:
    1. he shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Association.
    2. he shall not as such be qualified to act as a member of Executive or as a representative or officer of the Association, except that he may be a member of a committee.

Candidates seeking Student Membership

Proof of enrollment in Medical/Dental School.

Such membership shall entitle him to attend all meetings of the Association. He may speak with the permission of the chairman, but he shall not have the right to vote or to be a member of the Executive.