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    Health Insurance
    A group medical insurance plan is in place for members and their families.
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    Liability Insurance
    Members of the SLMDA are entitled to a reduced rate with the Medical Protection Society (MPS) of the United Kingdom. SLMDA members receive a discount on medical malpractice insurance. Through service provider MPS, members have access to insurance that is affordable.
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    Representation to Government
    The SLMDA represents its members in negotiations with the Government. These negotiations include salaries and conditions of service of members who are employed with the Government. The SLMDA is also the active voice of the medical and dental community where legislature concerning medical and dental practice is concerned. The SLMDA also represents members in areas of dispute with their employer, whenever the need arises.
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    Motor Vehicle and Property Fire Insurance
    Members of the SLMDA are now able to enjoy the added benefit of lower motor vehicle and property fire insurance. Members on the insurance plan or those who wish to be included only on the vehicle insurance plan receive higher no claim discounts than holders of other car insurances.
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    SLMDA ID Card
    Members of the St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association are offered a photo membership ID card, especially useful during Medical Emergencies, at Banks and Pharmacies.
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    Continuing Medical Education
    CME activities are carried out on a monthly basis. In addition there are weekend CME events organized at least once a year.

Types of Membership

The SLMDA is a voluntary organization representing St. Lucia's physicians and dentists. We are recognized as the official organization representing the economic and professional interests of the island's medical and dental practitioners.

The SLMDA is on its way to becoming the effective, political voice in St. Lucia's increasingly complex health care system. Membership in the association affords the benefits of CME programmes and services that are designed to assist the practitioners in their professional and personal pursuits, as well as the collective voice of the medical profession. Four types of memberships are offered:

  • Ordinary - to nationals, residents and persons practicing in St. Lucia.
  • Affiliate - to doctors who are members of an association with whom SLMDA is affiliated.
  • Student - to medical and dental students.
  • Honorary - The admission of honorary members shall be by decision of the Executive.

Membership Dues

  • Junior Doctor - $250.00 (from years 1 - 2), $500.00 (thereafter)
  • Specialists - $500.00
  • General Practitioner - $500.00
  • Honorary - Not Applicable
  • Student Doctor - Not Applicable